Revolutionary Technology in Organic Waste Composting

The value proposition of BrewNature lies in its ability to provide an efficient and sustainable solution for managing organic waste. By significantly reducing composting time, the technology enables waste diversion from landfills, leading to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the resulting compost is a valuable resource, rich in nutrients, suitable for agricultural and gardening applications. This way, BrewNature not only addresses the environmental challenge of waste management but also contributes to the circular economy by creating a beneficial product from organic waste.

What is the BrewNature composting process?

A patented technology and process in which compostable material is enclosed in a reactor or other container for the purpose of producing compost or fertilizer. It is maintained under uniform conditions of temperature and aeration, where all off-gas emissions are treated.


Using forced aeration and mechanical agitation to control conditions and promote rapid composting. The aeration and agitation are fully automated and will be turned on and off based on sensors inside the reactor.


The organic waste should be mixed with wood chips or cardboard as a reliable source of carbon at a predetermined ratio. The exact ratio will be evaluated during the pilot study.


At the beginning of the process, a microbial aid will be added to accelerate the biodegradation of organic materials.


One reactor has the capacity to convert 10 tonnes of organic waste into compost after 5 days. Our pilot has a capacity to receive 300 kg of organic waste.

The compost produced by the BrewNature reactor belongs to Category A (Unrestricted Use)—compost that can be used in any application, such as agricultural lands, residential gardens, horticultural operations, the nursery industry, and other businesses.